As excited as a majority of race fans seem to be about this championship battle, the offseason blues are already taking a toll on NASCAR junkies everywhere that dread nothing more than the disappearance of their favorite sport for what seems like an endless two months.


All race fans have a different way of dealing it.


Shari Prag of Saukville, Wis. says, “I have no off season. I go from NASCAR to the NFL and back to NASCAR with various holidays in between.”


Football, hockey, and holidays were all listed for ways to spend the offseason. Whether or not you like other sports, most people can relate to the hustle and bustle that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s (not to mention the Super Bowl!) brings into nearly every household every winter.  Just as it all slows down, the heat of NASCAR returns with the excitement of Speedweeks!


So while keeping busy isn’t an issue for most race fans, others find themselves unsure of how to handle a complete stoppage in the action that usually lasts from Friday until Sunday for nearly 40 weeks of the year!


Buddy Duncan says he will “Twiddle my fingers until February” and Matthew Woodruff of North Carolina says, “My plans for the offseason are to get ready for the Daytona 500!”


So, those of you who find yourself bored out of your mind every weekend until Daytona, you are not alone! Buddy and Matthew could definitely relate.


However, Chuck T. from Texas has a technique that works for him that many other fans may want to try: “I have several NASCAR classic races on my DVR that I will be watching.”


Craig Busby does the same: "I act like [the season] has never ended and watch all the reruns on SPEED Classics. Then be surprised by the winners and such.


If you didn’t tape any of the races this season, SPEED Channel usually replays some races over the offseason and you can find clips from various races on and YouTube.


Regardless of how all you diehards out there keep yourselves busy, I sincerely hope you enjoy the final race of the season, enjoyed a fantastic year of NASCAR racing, and are back and ready for more when the engines fire for the 2011 Daytona 500!